Are Your Meals Frozen?
Our Meals Begin Being Made Freshly Everyday at 5 AM At Our Company Kitchen and Are Delivered To Our Stores By 10 AM. They Are Never Frozen and Always Fresh, 10-15 Options Are Available Everyday. With Over 120 Total Options Throughout The Week.
Are Your Meals Low In Sodium and Sugar?
Our Top Goal Here At Primealete Is Making Sure We Make Low Sodium Meals To Meet Everyone's Health Needs. Sugar Is Not An Ingredient Used In Any Of Our Meals.
Do I Have To Pick Up All My Meals At Once?
No, You Never Need To Pick Up All Your Meals At Once. Meals Can Be Picked Up Whenever You'd Like To. 
How are My Meals Tracked? 
We Keep Track With Your First And Last Name. All Meals Are Tracked In Our System! When Arriving To Pick Up Your Meals, Our Associate At The Front Desk Will Confirm Your Name and Amount Of Meals Taken That Day. 
When Will I Be Billed During Subscription?
Regular Subscription Services Will Be Billed The Day Of Subscription, Every 7 OR 30 Days From The Date Of Original Purchase.
Do Prepaid Packages Have a Recurring Charge Or Is It a One Time Payment?
Prepaid packages Are a One Time Up Front Payment, Never Recurring. For Further Pricing Check The Image Attached.
Is There Contracts With Subscription Packages Or Hidden Fees To Cancel?
No There Isn't Any Type Contract Or Long Term Commitment, Subscribe, Cancel Or Pause Anytime You'd Like. There Are No Hidden Fees With Us What You See Is What You Pay!
How Long Are The Meals Good For?
From When You Pick Up The Meals They Should Sit No Longer Than 6 Days In Your Fridge, If Frozen Can Last Up To 2 Months. We Encourage Grabbing Your Meals Fresh.