The Origin Story

The Three Pillars


    MIND               BODY                SOCIAL

Primealete began with the philosophy that in order to be happy, you must nurture the three health fundamentals. The Mind, The Body, Social Life. These interdependent pillars are the start to a happy life. Here at Primealete, we believe with a healthy eating lifestyle, we can bridge the gap between all pillars and be a stepping stone to being YOURSELF. 



It All Starts with a Passion

It started with a need and a passion. The passion was bodybuilding and the need was food. Specific food, at specific times, multiples times a day. Just imagine the headache of shopping, preparing, eating, and cleaning 6 full meals a day, 7 days a week, along with the rest of the complexities of work and personal life. If we faced this problem, others like us must face it to. So we set out to provide a solution by blending the nutritional needs of fitness athletes with the culinary magic of a professional chef. Eating might be a necessity for survival, but it sure doesn’t need to be monotonous.


Dedicated To Health

Our mission is to remove the possibility for diet failure by providing fresh, healthy meals, with a wide variety of options at your convenience.